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Terms and Conditions

Using policy of Talent Clue (Companies)

The data insertion rules of Talent Clue are applicable to all published job positions of the clients (user companies), and to the subsequent use of the collected data of the candidates who subscribe to those positions. Every user company must agree with them before completing their registration.

  1. The purpose of Talent Clue is the management and automation of the recruitment and selection processes, therefore it is not allowed to use the collected data for other purposes than the selection of employees such as the spreading of unauthorized commercial emails or covert publicity of the company or third parties.
  2. The companies that register at Talent Clue are responsible for the quality, truthfulness and proper collection of the personal data of the candidates who enter the software. This responsibility includes the data introduced from the acceptance of these Using Conditions and the data from databases existing in the information systems of your user company that are incorporated into Talent Clue.
  3. In case of any identity theft or falsified or inaccurate data being used, the final responsibility for its use will lie with the user companies that have registered them in the service. Talent Clue will not be responsible in any case for the consequences that might be derived from the false information provided by the companies as well as the candidates, nor can guarantee the truthfulness of the introduced information.

  4. It is the Talent Clue's users companies responsibility to properly use their access codes and profiles. Talent Clue will not take any responsibility on the damages caused by the following actions:
    • Common use of user IDs and password between several users of Talent Clue
    • Share or assign the individual user ID and password.
  5. The job positions that are generated through Talent Clue must comply with the legal requirements that are established in the contracting territory.
  6. It is necessary that the information regarding the positions is as clear and concise as possible for the benefit of the candidates and the image of the company itself, avoiding misleading candidates.

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