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The Talent Clue Success Story

How Talent Clue built an employer brand with nothing else but, yes, Talent Clue

The challenge

To create an attractive employer brand… out of nothing

Talent Clue was a small company: teams that were in need of talent filled their own vacancies. There was no Human Resources team until we really started to grow. Right then we realized that we needed to build a brand with a strong personality that engaged candidates, not just anyone, but those who best fit our values and outlook on life. We weren’t looking for quantity but quality.

The solution

The Inbound Recruiting Methodology, and lots of passion!

We knew what kind of #TChumans we wanted on the team, so those were the people we focused on attracting. To do this, we hired Fran, our Recruitment Director, and we follow our own Methodology, Inbound Recruiting: we spread our corporate culture over social networks, we built a great Employment Page, create the most attractive job offers, use the most powerful Talent Relationship Manager on the market (Talent Clue) and communicate with every single candidate at all times, yes - every single one!

The results

In 3 months we went from being 40 #TChumans to 60

In just 3 months we were able to achieve a talent pool of almost 4,000 candidates, however the most important thing isn’t the number: what really matters is that these people are in love with our brand, they are looking out for our new offers and are completely loyal. The best among them ended up becoming happy #TChumans staff!

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Imagine filling a vacancy and having to choose among candidates who are in love with your company and feel like they are a part of your team from the start… that’s the power of Talent Clue!

Francisco Donegani, Recruitment Director

Talent Clue

The company: A Human Resources software tool without presence

Talent Clue is the company that develops the most widely used recruiting software in Spain. Our goal is to help companies connect with the right talent in less time; and we’re already accomplishing this in over 300 companies ;)

Improve your Employer Branding and your candidate experience with Talent Clue. You’ll fill your vacancies faster than in the blink of an eye!

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