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The Between Technology Success story

How Between multiplied its talent pool by 30 with Talent Clue

The challenge

To stop losing talent and be able to reach the technological profiles

At Between they only posted their vacancies on InfoJobs, meaning they were fully dependent on the job board’s application process and its ASP, which took candidates more than 45 minutes to complete. Furthermore, they didn’t post their vacancies on their own website: candidates had to send their resume to an email address. As a result, they suffered high drop-out rates. They were not tapping into their brand’s potential to attract qualified technology talent.

The solution

To make it easier to apply for their vacancies and increase conversion

They began to work on their Employer Branding and candidate experience: they stopped posting on InfoJobs and began posting on their website and social networks. They made the registration process easier with short, simple and responsive forms; now the candidates can register for a generic vacancy and they don’t have to leave the Between website to see all of its information.

The results

They have multiplied their talent pool by 30, by 30!

Unifying the posting of job vacancies and candidate receiving, managed to increase their posting sources, allowing them to gain access to more talent, while capitalizing on all the traffic to their website.

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Now we can close vacancies in a day without posting them on job boards, with just our candidates from Talent Clue.

Eli Abad, CTO and Founder


The company: An international technology consultancy

Between Technology was born following the merger of Adiciona and Solid Engineering in July of 2015. They offer IT outsourcing and selection of technological profiles for companies throughout Europe.

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