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The Vía Célere Success Story

How Vía Célere reduced the cost of managing their vacancies by 89% thanks to Talent Clue

The challenge

To recover lost time resulting from insane management

The management of their selection processes had gone crazy: they individually posted the offers on each job board, manually collected the candidates from multiple sites and screened them individually. It was impossible to coordinate the team and work together because the information was scattered among Excel sheets and folders. They lost information and lots and lots of time.

The solution

To work as a team with one tool, Talent Clue

They have completely unified and centralized their selection processes. Now they post offers on all sources from a single site, they receive candidates in just one database and screen them through Talent Clue. The entire team has access to information in the Cloud in real-time, they don’t have to connect to other job boards and they can finally work in perfect harmony. All of this translates into an unquestionable amount of savings in time and money.

The results

89% reduction in management costs

Now the team works collaboratively and devotes its time to value-adding tasks. Those to do with administration are automated, meaning they have greatly improved the overall management of their selection processes.

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Talent Clue is the ideal tool to manage the entire recruitment process in one place in the fastest way possible!

Adriel García, HR Assistant Manager

Vía Célere

The company: A real estate company looking for a solution

Vía Célere is a real estate company specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate assets.

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