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The Hunivers Success Story

How Hunivers went from filling 2 vacancies per consultant to closing 4 in just 4 months with Talent Clue

The challenge

To achieve a unique working methodology for the entire team

Hunivers’ selection processes vary by sector, meaning they have specialized consultants according to the different needs of each sector. Before Talent Clue, the consultants focused on a recruiting source associated with their sector: they were distributed through channels (business schools, professional job boards, guilds, associations…) and vacancies were also assigned depending on the recruitment process stage that each person was most familiar with.

They also worked with several tools, each person had their Excel, their annotated documents and their folders on their personal computers. Teamwork was virtually impossible because of the mix of so many different working methodologies, which led them to have basically no control over the vacancies and to waste a lot of time along the way.

The solution

To unify tools, processes and vacancies with Talent Clue

Now everyone (consultants, interns, new clients, collaborators) work according to the same methodology, despite the fact that the processes vary depending on the sector. They work collaboratively: all those involved are aware of the progress, how many candidates there are in each stage, how many days the process has been open for, they have the candidate’s history and that of the processes so they can check who conducted the interview, how many times, how many processes the candidate is or has been a part of, why they were rejected, what impression was left on the colleague who conducted the interview…

The results

Now they manage twice as many vacancies and work as a team

Having the information accessible to everyone means they don’t repeat work, they automate many manual tasks and they have time left over that can be used to manage other vacancies.

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Before there were many working methodologies, now the methodology is called Talent Clue.

Esther Casademont, Managing Partner

The company: A wide-ranging Human Resources consultant

Hunivers is a consultant that specializes in Human Resources management for its clients: they have a broad and diversified portfolio of services focusing on the evaluation, hiring and reorganizational requirements of the companies they collaborate with.

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