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The Grupo SIFU Success Story

How Grupo SIFU implemented Talent Clue in its 32 subsidiaries and unified its recruiting

The challenge

To serve more and more customers, with the same quality and agility

Grupo SIFU has selection experts in each of the subsidiaries with independent selection processes. In the midst of expansion as a result of their growth in sales, they realized that if they wanted to meet the demands of their customers without jeopardizing quality, they needed to streamline their selection processes and reach more candidates with very different profiles in less time.

The solution

To integrate all of the subsidiaries with a single software, Talent Clue

They successfully implemented Talent Clue in all of their subsidiaries by first training all technicians. Then, they established a system of collaborators within the tool that allows them to recruit with personal profiles and keep records on the volume of vacancies each recruiter manages, the average time it takes to fill a vacancy and the recruitment sources that give them the best results.

The results

They recruit faster and better

Now they receive all of the candidates in one place, where they are perfectly organized and can find the talent faster. All subsidiaries are more efficient and manage more processes without affecting quality.

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Now we’re faster responding to the applications we receive and we have been able to double our hires thanks to Talent Clue!

Alexandra Ruiz, Head of Selection

Grupo Sifu

Grupo SIFU, a rapidly expanding service and supply company

Grupo SIFU is a company that specializes in Facility Services, offering services and supplies made by people with disabilities. It has 32 subsidiaries throughout Spain and more than 4,000 employees.

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