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The Adiciona Success Story

How Adiciona expanded its customer base and started earning 65% more thanks to Talent Clue

The challenge

To regain control of its selection processes

At Adiciona they needed a solution that enabled them to post on every source of talent at the same time, without unnecessarily wasting time posting vacancies one by one: they spent more than two hours posting the vacancies on their different sources.

They couldn’t manage all of their vacancies because they also had to go from job board to job board to collect candidates, and many were left behind. It took 45 minutes to manage a single candidate!

The solution

To unify the posting of vacancies and receiving of candidates

With Talent Clue they were able to start posting on all sources of talent from the same place and receive all the candidates in a unified talent pool. They now have all the information available to them and they can quickly search for the candidates that fit the requirements of their job vacancies. They went from posting in 2 channels to posting in 75, and in much less time.

The results

They earned 65% more that year

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It’s as simple as posting a vacancy and watching it spread in a second, without having to go platform by platform!

Eli Abad, CEO

The company: A growing technology consultancy

Adiciona is a company that offers IT outsourcing services and the selection of technological profiles for companies across Europe. It merged with Solid Engineering in 2015 and became Between Technology.

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