Career Page: The first impression is the one that counts

Do you want to have the Career Page that will engage your candidates for good? At Talent Clue we will create it for you

The elements of your Career Page to attract and engage the right talent

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Personalized with unmistakable branding
Show off the personality of your brand to attract talent

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Fully responsive: Adapted to devices
44% of candidates sign up using their mobile phone

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Designed to appear as the first result
Perfectly positioned in SEO for search engines

Communicate your company’s values to attract the right candidates

What makes you unique, what defines you as a company, what you believe in: this is what the ideal talent will identify with.

Multimedia: Pictures and videos that show off the best of your company

Visual information sells more and faster than written information. Show what it’s like to work with your team in the most realistic way.

Don’t be the only one to say it, let the members of your team do it for you

Using real phrases of how your employees feel about your company will give you that extra bonus of truthfulness. Believe us!

The list with all your positions is always accessible and navigable

Once they already know everything there is to know about your company, the only thing left to do is convey their interest in working for it. It’s time to sign up!

What’s the better option for you? We adapt to your needs!

Selection of staff It couldn’t be any more convenient. We only need the content you want to include.

Fully personalized We take what you have in mind and make it a tailor-made reality.

Only the widget If you already have a Career Page ready, include only the Panel updated with the positions.

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